City Gear for a road trip.

Prepare to dive headfirst into a parallel universe of urban road trips, where the ordinary morphs into the extraordinary. We’ve got a treasure trove of city gear that will turn your city escapades into a mind-bending carnival ride.

Imagine toothbrushes with their epic sagas, action-packed cameras that capture the essence of awe, and sunglasses and hats that scream “personality deluxe”!

Tighten your shoelaces, (bootlaces, sandal straps, etc.) grab your imagination, and fasten your seatbelts as we embark on an urban odyssey like no other. What is about to unfold is going to rock the urban jungle with style and panache! Let’s go!

Don’t Hit the Road Without These City Gear Must-Haves

Ready to hit the open road and explore vibrant cityscapes? Before you buckle up, let’s talk about the travel essential city gear that will make your road trip a breeze. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me later when you’re sipping a coffee in the city, worry-free!

First up, we have the travel toothbrush. We have to talk about this, just incase you’re going anywhere that will be for longer than out to dinner and a movie.

Let’s face it, dragon breath is not the best way to make friends during your urban escapades. Keep your pearly whites fresh and your breath minty with a handy travel toothbrush.

Dragon Breath must have city gear travel essentials
Created by Michael Heiman in Canva

It’s a compact lifesaver, especially when you stumble upon a delightful street food vendor and need to make a great first impression. Gum can help too. However gum isn’t really going to be helpful when you have a piece of lettuce stuck between your chompers.

Next on our list is the car air freshener. You don’t want your ride to smell like the aftermath of, ah yeah, I’m not going to say it-but I’m sure you can guess it, do you? No judgment if you do, but for the sake of your fellow road-trippers, let’s keep things fresh.

Pick a scent that would be a mutual agreed apon scent if your traveling with others into a mobile oasis of pleasant aromas. Just as a fair warning, there are some people that are extremely sensitive to certain scents. These individuals will unleash a journy long list of complaints. Just saying. The sweet smell of adventure! Now, onto the mighty bungee cords.

On the road again, Goin’ places that I’ve never been, Seein’ things that I may never see again, And I can’t wait to get on the road again!

– Willie Nelson, On The Road Again

These stretchy wonders are the MacGyver of road trip gear. Need to secure that vintage thrift store treasure you found? Bungee cords got your back. Need to strap 10 2×4’s to the roof rack because you came up with a great idea of needing to build a fence while on your road trip. Perfect.

They’ll keep your belongings in place, even when faced with the wildest twists and turns of urban traffic. Just don’t get too carried away and turn your car into a traveling circus act!

Last but not least, we have the car tool kit. Pick-up truck tool kits exsist to, just not sure why nothing is ever called a SUV Tool kit. Hmm. I’ll design my own. Moving along.

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a city street, the sun shining, and suddenly, a flat tire decides to join the party. No worries! With your trusty car tool kit, you’ll be the superhero of roadside repairs. Tighten that loose screw, fix that wonky mirror, and get back on track in no time. A key component to any tool kit is the mighty Duct Tape. Every tool kit comes with the basics. So add as needed and if you borrowed from the workbench, make sure you put it back.

Car gear car tools that would be a great idea to have with you in case of a break down.
Created by Michael Heiman in Canva

You might impress some fellow road trippers with your handy skills! So, my adventurous friend, don’t forget to pack these city gear travel essentials. They’ll be your sidekicks as you conquer urban jungles and create memories to last a lifetime. Remember, sidewalks are for walking, not driving on. Cornfields, we’ll talk about that another time.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll delve into more gear to make your city exploration a fantastic experience. Remember, the road awaits, and with the right gear, you’ll be a road trip hero in no time!

Capture the City Vibe with Action-Packed Camera Gear

Now that you’ve packed your city gear essentials, let’s talk about unleashing your inner Spielberg with action-packed camera gear.

It’s time to document your urban escapades and immortalize those priceless moments. Say cheese, my fellow road tripper!

First on the list is the action camera microphone attachment. We all know that every epic adventure deserves a captivating soundtrack. With this nifty attachment, you’ll capture crystal-clear audio to complement your exhilarating city footage.

Whether you’re jamming to live street performances or showcasing your dance moves, your audience will be grooving to the beat.

Next up, we have the action camera flashlight. Picture this: you find yourself in a dimly lit alley, chasing the shadows of the city’s secrets. Fear not, fearless explorer! Attach the action camera flashlight to your trusty camera, and suddenly, the darkest corners will be illuminated.

Camera flashlight city gear to help with repairs while on road trip at night.
Created by Michael Heiman in Canva

It’s like having your lightsaber, minus the Jedi training. Plus I’ve used my camera flashlight before to help me see when I needed to replace both my headlight bulbs in the dark. So yeah, top that Jedi.

To protect your beloved action camera from bumps, scrapes, and the occasional accidental drop (oops!), we have the action camera protector. This little hero will shield your camera from harm, ensuring your footage remains crisp and intact.

It’s like a suit of warrior armor for your gadget, ready to tackle any urban adventure that comes your way, minus a sword, shield and well you get the idea…

Now, let’s talk about the 3 point slinger for the camera. Think of it as a superhero utility belt for your action camera. This handy accessory allows you to carry your camera with ease, keeping it within reach for those spontaneous moments.

Whether you’re climbing skyscrapers or capturing the energy of bustling city streets, this slinger will be your sidekick in crime… err creativity. But wait, there’s more! We also have the action camera head mount. Strap this bad boy on, and suddenly you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of your city conquests.

I use to have a youtube channel that was beyond boring, that I spoke about “truck driving rules and regulations”, and I would drive down the road with my GoPro strapped to my noggen.

Did you know that the Friday before Memorial Day was declared National Road Trip Day in 2019?

You can capture the skyline, other people’s reactions like your friends, and the surprises that await around every corner.

Just remember to avoid head bumps with street signs—those can be a bit embarrassing to explain! And for all you photography enthusiasts out there, don’t miss out on the joy of bulk disposable cameras.

These trusty companions are perfect for spontaneous snapshots, creating a nostalgic collection of urban memories. With disposable cameras bulk (grammar error on purpose, hey I’m trying shh and thanks), you’ll never miss a shot, and you can share the joy of instant film photography with friends and fellow road trippers.

So, gear up with these action-packed camera accessories and unleash your inner Spielberg. From epic audio to illuminated adventures and camera protection, these gadgets will be your sidekicks in capturing the spirit of the city.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll explore more city gear to make your urban expedition an unforgettable experience. Lights, camera, action!

Style, Sun Protection, and Sturdy Steps

As you navigate the city’s vibrant streets, it’s important to protect your eyes from the sun and showcase your unique style. Get ready to rock the fashion scene with a collection of stylish sunglasses, hats, and sturdy footwear that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Let’s drive into the world of eye-catching accessories and reliable hiking boots! You know, don’t drive into anything, it’s only a saying.

First, let’s talk sunglasses. We offer an array of options that will make you feel like a celebrity walking the red carpet. From the cool and sleek designs of Heatwave Sunglasses to the fierce and edgy vibes of Viper Sunglasses, your eyes will be shielded in style. For timeless elegance, the classic Ray-Ban Sunglasses are a must-have, while Goodr Sunglasses add a playful touch to your urban adventures.

Over 20 years of driving into the sunsets, and sunrises. Trust me, at some point, you’ll feel it if you choose to skip eye protection.

A sun wearing sunglasses as part of city gear
Created by Michael Heiman in Canva

Now, onto hats—the ultimate fashion statement. Embrace your mystical side with the enchanting witch hat or spread holiday cheer with the Santa Hat, even during summer. For a swashbuckling mood, the pirate hat will give you that rebellious edge, while the Von Dutch Hat exudes a cool and nostalgic vibe.

I have to include this next one just because I am a truck driver, and well I love fishing, so sport yourself the high quality, sleek and stylish Bass Pro Shops Hat, haha.

But let’s not forget about sturdy steps! A pair of reliable hiking boots for men is essential for exploring the city’s nooks and crannies. Hiking boots for women and children are also great ideas to strap to your feet. These boots offer comfort, durability, and traction to conquer any urban terrain.

If you prefer complaining later about how sore or tired your feet are, well again, no judging. If you’re trying to get a foot massage later, no worries, I won’t say a thing.

From climbing stairs to strolling through parks, hiking boots ensure you’re ready for whatever the city throws at you. With their rugged style and practicality, you’ll be a fashion-forward urban explorer.

With stylish sunglasses, fashionable hats, and dependable hiking boots, you’ll make a bold statement as you roam the city streets. Protect your eyes, express your unique personality, and stride confidently in sturdy footwear.


Armed with our quirky city gear, you’re set to conquer the urban realm like a true adventurer. Capture awe-inspiring moments with your action-packed camera, flaunt shades that defy convention, and wear hats that turn heads.

The real treasure lies in the unique experiences and memories you’ll create along the way. Embrace the unexpected, unleash your inner maverick, and leave your indelible mark on the cityscape. So, dear adventurers, go forth, armed with style, humor, and a dash of audacity.

Safe travels, and may your urban escapades be filled with extraordinary wonders and endless delight!

People also ask

  • 1. Inspect your vehicle prior to starting road trip. Check tires for tire pressure, tread depth and for any bruising or abbrasions. Anything not normal, get fixed. Also check your oil and radiator coolant levels. Check under your vehicle for any possible leaks. You will find puddles or drips under your vehicle if so. Check to make sure all of your lights work.
  • 2. If you take any medication, make sure you have more than enough for your trip and a few days after you return home.
  • 3. Know your budget and expenses. Having extra funds is better when not needing then needing the extra funds and not having them.

The real answer is it is entirely up to you. That’s the great thing about road trips. Though keep in mind safety. For example, I am a truck driver. By law, I am not allowed to be on duty or duty driving for more than 8 consecutive hours at a time. At 7 hours and 59 minutes, I am required to take a 30-minute break. For your road trip, keep in mind this to help you be safer. And remember, no substitute can fix tiredness other than a nap that may last 15 minutes or a couple of hours.

This will vary from place to place and from time zone to time zone. As a general rule of thumb after 20+ years of experience trucking across the USA. I find that normally after 8 pm and before 5 am tend to be the ideal window of opportunity. Keep in mind, if you’re not used to driving these hours or being awake during them. You could face some unsafe challenges. Be aware of yourself, how you feel, and if or when you start to feel drowsy. Knowing these things can potentially save your life. Pull off the road and take a nap. Theis is the best advice anyone can give.