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We all have a life story, let me share with you why I’m here today. We’ll start with; “Hi, my name is Michael Heiman.”

Welcome to my personal website! I’m Michael, a hardworking individual with a diverse range of experiences and a passion for learning. Through this platform, I aim to share valuable insights, knowledge, and stories that I’ve acquired throughout my life’s journey.

My story began in Georgia, USA, in the summer of 1977 where I was born. Growing up, moving as often as we did, I experienced the joys and quirks of a different era, from the notorious “pull this car over” threats to misinterpreting a question about if I wanted to be adopted. These early experiences shaped my unique perspective and fueled my curiosity for understanding the world around me.

Life has taken me on various paths, from being my grandma’s Number 1 brat to being the kid that was constantly outside riding his bike and unknowingly was more daring than Evil Kanevil. Even though I never met my biological father, since he passed before I was born. I became a devoted father myself. I’ve embraced a sense of responsibility and have always strived to stand up for others, sometimes even taking a few punches along the way.

Throughout my life, I’ve pursued knowledge on various topics to have a better understanding of them. I’m self-taught in many things like website development and design, motion graphics, videography, 3D animation, plus many things relating to fixing things around the house. This all came about because 1 day I had a very expensive learning experience. Sometimes we just need to hire a professional for a particular job, and those of us that are a bit adventurous, can easily almost electrocute ourselves accidentally like a cartoon from when we were kids.

After flying about 15 feet through the air like Superman after being shocked from the light bulb in the light bulb socket that was stuck, dangling from the ceiling after I removed the drywall. I thought that stuck light bulb needed some WD 40, yep. Very bad idea. I thought to myself, I’ve worked for a company where we removed enormous trees and various debris from active and inactive power lines in the middle of storms before, how tough can this be? I’ve even caught a couple shocks from that before because anything wet can be conductive.

Since then, I’ve been on this learning journey of things while listening to audio books and other things. I’ve learned how to build furniture – like beds and dining tables, massive fish tank stands, and elegant countertops. Learning all of these things and many more was all possible because I spend most of my time, away from home as a truck driver, road tripping across the U.S. listening to many different audio tutorials of one kind or another.

I started in truck driving in the later part of 1999 with a trainer. By Jan 2000 I was trucking across the USA by myself. I have logged over 2 million miles driving all over North America and parts of Central America. I have never caused any accident, and I have been included in a small number of accidents.

To add to this I have also traveled abroad outside of the continent of North America. Across oceans and seas. Where having only 2 layovers between the origin and destination seems like a super fast flight even though it will take 22 hours. That same 22 hours with 2 layovers can also become 4 layovers and 49 hours later.

I know an fully understand travel, the situations that can easily occur at any given moment. I am not here to teach anyone how to be a truck driver. Instead, I am here because I want to help make your traveling easier, faster, cheaper and most importantly of all. Safer!

I’ve been to South Korea, Japan and other places as well. I have a great wealth of insight to many things related to traveling. After all, I have been traveling for over 20 years.

My blogs are a reflection of my wide-ranging interests and experiences. More so to do with traveling and road tripping to help everyone find everything from the most peaceful and beautiful places you could imagine to having the best time of your life in downtown big city USA.

In time this blog could also cover topics from interests I’ve learned besides traveling abroad or vacationing. Maybe food and beverages, reviews on products that relate to all of these things. I’ll share tips, suggestions, and opinions on this wide range of topics. I hope this will help accelerate your learning process and save you valuable time and money.

My knowledge of traveling is here to help reinforce your ability to remain safe, enjoy your time and help you benefit from avoiding the mistakes I have made. To ensure that any vacation you have, or time away from home is something worthy of a memory. We spend a lot of time working, and often we don’t spend enough time living.

Having the benefit of products that won’t break tomorrow while you’re on your family vacation, or your first or 100th road trip is important. Nobody wants to try and be MacGyver with duct tape that won’t stick to anything. Sounds crazy, but yeah, my luck. I also have traveled across many of the most famous routes multiple times and can help you find secret hidden gems that rarely anyone speaks of.

Some of these may be called “shortcuts” while others may say they are scenic routes. Sometimes when it’s late at night and you can’t see much, it’s a faster route to your destination. OR, yeah big or, it’s a route you wish you completely avoided. Having to backing and drive in reverse for over 5 miles one time because my rig was too large to safely do a U-Turn, thanks to me not knowing a magical bridge hidden from the scriptures of time was further up the road. This bridge was better suited for a horse and buggy, not 18 wheels of rolling thunder haha. You quickly learn a few things.

In other countries, I’ve learned a few quick and easy lessons that will help many from flying to landing and much more. Even layovers don’t have to completely suck the life out of you like a starving vampire. We can sit, wait and be a zombie between flights. Or, maybe it’s the perfect time to find a souvenir, get some food that is closer to our liking, or find a lovely way to surprise that special someone.

in additional to this website I currently have a few other websites I’ve created that intertwine with the content you’ll find here. In a way they all intertwine together. Each with it’s own focal point. I’ll talk more of this in the future.

As we travel on this journey together, I invite you to join me in exploring diverse subjects beyond the realm of that first cup of coffee. However, let’s start our adventure here.

So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, sit back, and enjoy the content I’ll be sharing. Thank you for visiting, and I genuinely look forward to connecting with you again. Have a wonderful day!

My Life Be Like

Just me through the years of time.

The above photo carosal is coming soon. Sorry ran out of time this weekend to find all of my pictures to display.

Why do I work over 90 hours a week?

It’s a curious tale of dedication, ambition, and a touch of madness. You see, I believe in seizing every opportunity that comes my way, embracing the grind with unwavering determination.

Whether it’s the thrill of the open road or the pursuit of turning goals into reality, I immerse myself in the pursuit of success. It’s a demanding path, but the rewards of pushing boundaries and achieving greatness are immeasurable.

So, with coffee fueling my spirit and a relentless drive in my heart, I embrace the challenge and strive to make every hour count.

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